The Tea Bag IndeSchoolsx and Teatime4science projects provides great opportunities for schools to participate in real science. We developed several lesson plans, by which you can discover the mysterious world of soils. The lesson plans are developed for children aged 8-15, but contain suggestions for other age classes. In those lesson plans you find detailed instructions about the experiment, and they contain clear links to current themes in society such as climate change and waste management. They can be found under publications, and are free to use.

In 2016 and 2017, schools can join the teatime4science school campaign and test the effects of climate and climate warming. The children will bury tea before the summer break and retrieve them after the summer. Subsequently, the tea has to be dried and weighted and the results have to be send back to us. All you need is a good scale (with 0.01 precision) and something to dig (e.g. a spoon). The tea and other equipment will be send to you after signing up. Joining is fun and free.

Signing up for next year’s campaign can be done by sending an email to email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Northern hemisphere:
Sign up before 1 April 2018!
Start the experiment: between 25 May and 10 June.
Report back the results: 1 October 2018

Southern hemisphere:
Sign up before 15 September 2018
Start the experiment: between 15 November and 1 December.
Report back the results: 1 April 2019


Schools in Austria are invited to participate in the teatime4schools project