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Formas funded a project to make the TBI-database available and searchable. Watch out for updates on the Teatales project!

We plan for an online meeting in march 2022

Lipton has changed the teabags to biodegradable bags. We have ordered the tea and start running experiments soon to see if they last three months in the soil.

Yey! Our map is ready, and experts are now evaluating our manuscript. We are curious about their opinion!

We will not have a TBI symposium this year. We are investigating opportunities to have an online meeting in 2021.

We welcome Sybryn Maes, who will work with part of the tea bag dataset. Read more about her work under who is who.

YEY! Umeå University approved our grant application, and we will soon hire a post doc! Keep an eye on our FB and Twitter for more information on how to apply.

There is now a real TBI app! go and get it in the app store! (and bury tea bags of course)

A short glimpse of the TBI symposium can be watched here!

Deadline extension of abstract submission to 22 jan!

The five candidates for the IUSS travel support are now selected. Congratulations to Ada Pastor Oliveras, Guillaume Patoine, Sarah Duddigan, Tao Hang and Nina Filippova!

Check out this cool movie by Wageningen University!

The program of the 3rd annual TBI meeting is now online! 21 june, Helsinki. Meet you there!

A new school campaign is starting! In Austria and across the world! We wish all participants good luck!

TBI participates in the ESM2018 conference. However it is also possible to attend only the Tea bag session on the 21st of June for a reduced price of 80 €. Register via this link, and submit an abstract before the 26th of February via this link.

Check out a new TBI project with schools in Austria: Teatime4schools, which will run until August 2019!

17-21 June 2018: TBI participates in the ESM2018 conference. You are welcome to join a whole day about Tea bag research on the 21st of June. More info will soon be available on the ESM website.

28 September: The data submission form is available in German.

23 April: Information kits are send to the participating schools across the world. Good luck with the experiment, follow them on Facebook!

29 March 2017: Please note all the updates on the change of tea bags on the website.

23 March 2017: We welcome Rebecca Magnusson as student! Rebecca will work in the ALTER-net project.

1 Feb 2017: The program for the conference in March is available. We are looking forward to it! Pack your (tea) bags and come!
check the details at the AGES website.

Are you a master student and do you want to do an internship in our project? We have several projects available this summer (2017). Email Taru if you are interested in working with farmers, and Judith when you would like to investigate the microbial community.

28 September: We got a grant to collaborate with ALTER-net!

4 September 2016: Dutch schools are ready to retrieve their tea bags. We wish them good luck! Read more in the Dutch pressrelease.

1 March 2017: You are all welcome to the International Tea Bag Index workshop where we will discuss about all the projects that are being carried out.
The workshop will take place in Vienna. Read the program here!

6 June 2016: Many tea bags are being buried this year with help of ca 100 schools in the Netherlands, UK and Belgium. They learn about soil processes and provide valuable data for us, just like the Swedish schools in 2015.

Journalists that are interested in joining a school in their effort to contribute to this global project, they can email email hidden; JavaScript is required.