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Joost Keuskamp


Dr. Joost Keuskamp was a team member in the period 2013-2021 but is still engaged from the sideline. He has a strong interest in coupling empirical work to modelling approaches and vice-versa. Besides, he works at the CLM research and Advice consulting agency. Joost has a PhD in ecology, with a focus on elemental cycling and carbon sequestration of mangrove soils in relation to microbial competition for resources. Previous work included spatial modelling of microbial nitrogen transformations at the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. Joost further is an expert on meta-analyses. His main research interest is how carbon sequestration and nutrient cycling in soils is determined by 1) plant-soil feedbacks and competitive interactions between decomposer micro-organisms and 2) how these interactions are modified by elemental stoichiometry of resources.

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